Samsung and Apple finished top in the “smart connected devices” race for 2012


We’ve heard a lot about how Samsung and Apple are the top dogs when it comes to smartphone sales, and even mobile phones in general. Apple’s virtually unchallenged in the tablet market. But, when you group together PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and any other “smart connected device”, the two companies show their force even more. In 2012 Samsung shipped 250 million devices, Apple shipped 218.7 million. The nearest competitor, Lenovo, managed 78.3 million.


If anything, this comparison shows how much more popular smartphones and tablets are compared to the PC. And, perhaps the clearest indication that we really are in a Post-PC era. It does beg the question: will HP, Lenovo and Dell need to start building popular tablets and phones in order to compete with the two big guns?

Via: AllThingsD

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