Rumor: New Mac Pro on its way in the spring?

Around a week ago, Apple announced that its rather neglected Mac Pro is to be discontinued in Europe on March 1st. This was followed by the cries of many-a professional Mac OS X user. However, if the latest Mac rumor is to be believed, then Apple has a very good reason for its decision, as according to French Apple reseller ‘France Systemes’, the discontinuation would only be temporary, suggesting an update may emerge very soon.

Frankly, an update is desperately needed to retain interest in the Mac Pro. The machine is now entering its third year without an update, causing it to no longer be considered the monster it once was. While the Mac Pro is in need of updated internals, it’s ‘cheese-grater’ design is one that I’d like to see a change from. Not that it’s bad, it’s just the fact that we first saw it make its way onto an Apple product ten years ago, with the Power Mac G5.


Via: 9to5Mac  

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