Rumor: MacBook Air with Retina and fresh iPad coming in 2013

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Another week, and more Apple flavored rumors to throw on the pile. The latest, courtesy of EMS One (via Macotakara) details Cupertino’s plans to bring the Retina resolution displays to its super-slim notebook range. And – as with most rumors – should be taken with a healthy dosage of salt. Although it’s probable that Apple is looking in to boosting the performance of its cheapest and smallest MacBooks, I doubt that the technology exists to pull it off right now. The MacBook Pro with Retina needs an incredibly powerful processor and a couple of fans to keep itself cool. It’s not likely Apple’s engineers can fit what’s needed inside the body of an Air.

With that rumor adequately skepticized, let’s move on to a more likely one: the next iPad. According to supply chain sources, Apple is looking at applying the same “GF2″ display technology utilized in the iPad mini. Essentially, it’s not glass-on-glass like the current 9.7″ iPad, ensuring that the display is as slim as it can be, enabling engineers to create a much slimmer and smaller device. The same report suggests Apple already has its display manufacturers lined up, not surprisingly, Samsung is not on the list.

As regards to the 5th generation iPad, we’re currently expecting a 9.7” Retina equipped device with a similar form factor and design to the iPad mini. Essentially, trimming down the body fat, adding a few delicately machined chamfered edges and painting the aluminum slate. And in all honesty if we don’t get that, we’ll be mightily surprised. Release date has been speculated to be next month or later on in the year, nearer the holiday season.

For now, the only people that know anything for certain are the execs at 1 Infinite Loop, and they don’t tend to tell us much until they announce it publicly.

Via: AppleInsider
Source: Macotakara

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