Real or fake? “Leaked iPhone 5S” assembly line pics show updated components [gallery]

5 vs. 5S

Some interesting new pics have found their way online today claiming to be pictures of a Foxconn-based iPhone 5S assembly line. Along with photos of the manufacturing facility, there are images of the supposed iPhone 5S device with a new component layout. Primarily, the difference is that the rotating vibrating motor has been replaced with a linear-oscillating motor. The iPhone 5 has the former, whereas the iPhone 4S has the latter. Just in case you’re not clear on why that matters: rotating motors are regarded as being noisier and less efficient.

The images originally leaked on Chinese site and have since been published on 9to5Mac, GizChina and That said, they’re not being taken as guaranteed genuine iPhones by anyone with good eyes. 9to5Mac notes that they’re possibly clones, and I’m inclined to agree.

On their own, the images above look pretty real. But, when you compare the iPhone in the leaked images with a genuine iPhone 5 featured in iFixit’s teardown (below) there are some clear differences. The battery – for one – is smaller in the leaked images, and is covered in a white/yellow covering. It generally doesn’t look as well finished as an Apple device usually does. Comparatively, it looks a little untidy.



What do you guys think? Is this a real iPhone 5S (in the leaked assembly line pics)? Is it a clone? Let us know your thoughts.


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  • Tuliomesa82

    ehh who cares lol, its gonna have IOS 7 by the time it comes out with new features upgraded battery and cam .-. nothing new

  • rwink

    9 to 5 mac: Update: These are likely an iPhone 5 clone (with better vibrating motor). Note the smaller 1150 mAh battery and the (d’oh) SD card slot.