Poster may have found unofficial way to skip Mailbox reservation line


If any of you are patiently waiting for your official invitation into Mailbox, like Cam and me, there may be a way to shorten your waiting time.

According to a commenter over at 9 to 5 Forums, if you are jailbroken, there is a way to cut those multiple thousands of people (in my case, 105,407) that are in front of you for access to Orchestra, Inc.’s highly anticipated Mailbox app. According to poster ClipMcCafferey, there are just a few simple steps required to get early access to Mailbox:

1) Jailbreak
2) Go here using iFile: User > Mobile > Applications > [Random String of Characters – look in each one until you find Mailbox] > > Preferences > File is there
3) Change “Off” to “On” for

Although another poster claims that this method works, it is important to remember that this is unofficial. This is just a suggestion floating around that may or may not work. Although I’m not jailbroken myself (yet) this does add to the list of reasons I want to jailbreak my iPhone.

Are any of you planning on trying this? If you try it, let us know in the comments if it works for you or not!

Source: 9 to 5 Forums

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  • jboybreakskru

    So i did it and it actually asked me to add my gmail it didnt even show numbers or anything just “ADD GMAIL ACCOUNT” but i tryed adding it nd it gives me a prompt message saying gmail is rejecting my request so thats as far s i can get

  • j2fly

    @jboybreakskru I got the same thing. It lets you attempt to add an account but it doesn’t validate with gmail.

  • jboybreakskru

    @j2fly yes i tryed it about 3 times an it gave me the samething guess were just goong to have to wait

  • Br3ttYoung

    @jboybreakskru Yep, Same thing…

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