Point, shoot, and edit with PhotoMagic [Review]

If you haven’t found the right photo-editing app for your iPhone yet, all hope is not lost. PhotoMagic is a user-friendly app that puts the focus on your photos instead of your friends — don’t worry, there are some sharing capabilities. PhotoMagic gets right to business — there’s no muss or fuss about creating an account or logging in with your social credentials. Instead, upon launching the app, you have one choice to make: whether you want to take or load a photo. See? Easy.

From there, you can access some basic editing tools by tapping the icon located in the top center of the screen. These options include the ability to crop your photo, flip the photo vertically or horizontally, and rotate it 90 degrees. I should note that the editing tools are surprisingly unobtrusive considering they lie on top of your photo. That’s it for the basic stuff. If you’re happy with minor tweaks, your photo is ready to save and share. However, if you’re looking for a bit more personality and customization, allow me to direct your attention to PhotoMagic’s other toolbar.

PhotoMagic filter:effects

Along the lower portion of the screen are nearly four dozen filters you can apply to your photo. The filters vary in brightness, black and white, warm colors, cold colors, and tinted hues. There are also filters for making your photos look like a negative, a pencil sketch, an oil paintings, and a shaded image. Honestly, I found this part to be a bit overwhelming. I don’t do well with so many choices. In addition to the filters, the second icon along the bottom menu houses several lighting effects for you to choose from. This is my favorite thing about the PhotoMagic. I feel like I can find filters anywhere now, but some of these lighting effects are pretty unique.

The third icon stores all of your frame and border options. It’s hard to tell if this is intentional or a weird glitch, but as you’re browsing through all of these options, you don’t have to scroll back to “Original” in order to compare before and afters. Instead, just tap and hold your photo and the original will appear. Letting go of the screen will revert it back to whichever filter/effect/border you’re currently on. The fourth and final icon is that of a pair of dice. Tap this if you’d rather leave your photo editing to chance as it randomizes the selections for you.

PhotoMagic frames

The one downside to PhotoMagic is that it isn’t designed for easy sharing with social networks, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Right now you can save to your Camera Roll, send to your email, or open using other apps — my options are DocuSign Ink, GoDocs, Evernote, and Dropbox, which all seem like odd choices; yours might be different. There are a ton of photography apps out there, but if you’re looking for a straightforward editing app, PhotoMagic might be the right fit. The app is currently free with AppGratis.


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