Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky confident on ability to compete, tight-lipped on Apple approach

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If there’s one product that highlights the awesomeness of crowd-funded projects, it’s Pebble. The connected smart watch launched on KickStarter to much hype and praise, raised a ton of cash and finally started shipping at the end of last month. In fact, it’s so popular, they’re still catching up with KickStarter backer orders. In short – it’s the “poster child” of the smart watch industry.

The company’s CEO, Eric Migicovsky, took part in an interview with CNBC, in which he responded to many questions.  One topic was whether or not his company could still compete with the big guns once they get in on the act. For instance, if Apple decided to launch a similar device, could Pebble stand a chance?

“I think what’s going on in the smartphone space right now is we are seeing more and more devices work with the smartphone. With the massive market share that Apple has on the smartphone side, seeing other devices connect to the smartphone — almost as like a central part of connection to the Internet — I think it’s a pretty big opportunity.”

This inevitably led to questions around a possible buy-out by Apple. Mostly fueled by Tim Cook’s comments on his company’s rate of buying up small companies with huge potential, averaging around one each month. A cool “I can’t comment on anything like that, unfortunately” was his reply

Should we read anything in to it? Probably not. But I can’t help but wonder if the typical “no comment = yes” rule applies here. If the answer is ‘no’, that’s normally the spoken response. Companies are a lot more coy when the possibility has been discussed. That said, with Pebble being such an open-sourced platform for developers, I can’t see how Apple could possibly seek to incorporate it in to its business without changing the philosophy of the product.

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Source: CNBC
Via: AppleInsider

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  • PX

    Apple should not be involved with Pebble, especially with Eric Migicovsky. One of the qualities of Apple that have stood out above the rest has been their standards. In regards to Eric Migicovsky’s standards, they do not match Apple’s. Case in point, people have forgotten that he already had some experience in smart watches with inpulse. The mistakes that he has made with the Pebble have to be embarrassing to say the least. He has not been consistent with the information he has given his backers. The information he has stated has been vague and when asked pertinent question, for example as to why he chose to only manufacture black ones when he had stated he would manufacture the first orders first (stated this three times) he has not given an answer. Apple needs to stay away, there are many people, $10 million worth of people, that have not been satisfied by this “company” nor the founder.