Orange CEO claims Apple is “less arrogant”

Stephane Richard

Apple is one company that is known for liking things its way, and its way only. Many consumers may think that cell carriers may have a difficult time working with Apple, but according to Stephane Richard, the CEO of the French carrier Orange, Apple is much more manageable than in the past. While speaking to reporters at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Richard told people that Apple is “less arrogant than they used to be.”

While some people may be surprised due to Apple’s recent lawsuits against companies like Samsung, it is good to hear that Apple has become a more reasonable company. Apple has had to work hard to retain users and survive the push that Samsung and other Android manufacturers are making, and being a more flexible company is a good way to get on the good side of carriers.

Do you think Apple has actually become more manageable, or do you not believe Stephane Richard? Use the comments section to let us know!

Source: All Things D

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  • LesArmitage

    he should look at his own company  before even thinking about commenting on other peoples company 
    custmor service a joke see there face book page and all there reviews on other sites