NYPD forms dedicated “stolen iDevice” team

nypd1New York City (NYC) is known to, unfortunately, have a good amount crime. But that’s what comes with being one of the largest cities in the US. Another thing that is well known is that Apple devices are stolen, a lot. So much so that the mayor of NYC has blamed the theft of iPhones and iPads on the increased crime rate of the city. To deal with that, a report coming from the NYPost is saying that the NYPD have formed a specific team assigned with one task, taking on stolen iDevice reports. The steps taken in their job was outlined by the New York Post:

Every time an Apple device is stolen, detectives attempt to get tracking numbers from the victim or online records… That number, known as the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, is then shared with the officers in Police Headquarters who pass it on to Apple…The California-based company then informs the NYPD of the device’s current location — and it can track it even if it was reregistered with a different wireless provider.

So as you see, it is a fairly simple, though obviously a little frustrating, process from the consumers end. They just have to sit back and wait for Apple to locate the device, which then lets the NYPD go and find it. The police force even, per the report, has gone to the Dominican Republic to recover a stolen iPad. All of this efforts will hopefully be able to stop the increase in stolen Apple devices, but with time of course.

What do you think? Have you had your device stolen? If you live in NYC, have you ever had the NYPD do this for you? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac, New York Post

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