Nike not building FuelBand app for Android


If any of you are Android fans looking forward to the Nike FuelBand app for your phone, I’m sorry. Through it’s Twitter account, Nike Support announced that it is not currently working on an Android app, and Nike made it seem as if an Android app wasn’t even under consideration. The tweet below is just one of many upset Nike customers hoping for a FuelBand app for Android, and the Nike Support Twitter account has been replying to lots of these customers, and almost every tweet is the same as below. Nike is not working on an Android app, and FuelBand is currently iOS exclusive.

Nike Twitter

Although this will be bad news for Android fans, it is good for iOS users. In other tweets about the lack of an Android app, Nike states “we’re focused on iOS and web” meaning that Nike is putting its time into improving the iOS and web apps.

Do any of you use Nike’s FuelBand? Do you like the app, or do you think it needs more time and effort from Nike? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Apple Insider

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