New Zealand police force rolling out 10,000 iOS devices to its officers

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Top level business and government agencies the world over are switching to iOS, and the latest to join in is the New Zealand police force. Having had a successful trial period, 10,000 iPads and iPhones will be rolled out to its frontline officers in a new initiative. In total 6,000 iPhones will be handed out and 3,900 iPads. The switch follows the force’s switch network operators, from Telecom to Vodafone.

Chief Information Officer, Stephen Crombie stated:

“The trial showed the most useful tools for officers were small personal devices for making phone calls or text messaging, accessing email, and accessing information and photo databases, and a larger such as a laptop or tablet for staff who need to do more data entry. Based on frontline officer feedback from the trial the preferred devices are the iPhone as smartphone and iPad for the tablet. The approach used to develop the applications means Police can move to other devices with relative ease as technology changes.”

The rollout will be completed over the next three months, costing NZ$4.3 million ($3.7M USD). On the longer term, over a ten year period, the scheme will set the government/police force back a total of NZ$159 million. It’s not the only large company to switch to iPhone in the last couple of months.  Home Depot switched from BlackBerry recently, as has an the Australian government treasury department. Looks like Tim Cook was right, Apple’s got virtually every sector of the market nailed down.

Source: NBR
Via: AppleInsider

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