New distribution, marketing, and installment plans bring renewed effort for iPhone in India

iPhone 5 featureLast year, Tim Cook said that India was not very high priority for Apple. However, now it seems that Apple is beginning to push the iPhone more “aggressively” in the area, as per a report from Reuters. According to the report, Apple has been implementing a new strategy in India in attempts to get its device, mostly the iPhone, into hard to reach markets:

Apple expanded its India sales effort in the latter half of 2012 by adding two distributors. Previously it sold iPhones only through a few carriers and stores it calls premium resellers. The result: iPhone shipments to India between October and December nearly  tripled to 250,000 units from 90,000 in the previous quarter

Increased sales have been attributed to a few different factors, however, starting with new monthly contracts that have shown a significant increase in sales. MobileStore, one of the resellers, claimed a triple in sales after launching monthly plans. This is a big move for Apple, and an unexpected one when looking back at past comments by the CEO, which included “I love India, but I believe that Apple has some higher potential in the intermediate term in some other countries.”

What do you think? Glad to see Apple pushing emerging markets? Wonder if this is setting up for the rumored cheaper iPhone? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac, Reuters

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