More iPad 5 case leaks appear


Towards the back end of last week, two sets of iPad 5 case leaks turned up online (1, 2). Both indicated that Apple could be adopting a mini-esque design with the next full-size iPad. The latest is no different. Like the others, it features cutouts at the bottom for stereo speakers and the Lightning connector. It’s also much slimmer and narrower than the current 9.7″ iPads.

Although case leaks are often a good indication that we’re thinking along the right lines, there was – famously – a major upset with the iPhone 4S when all case leaks indicated a completely new iPhone design which we didn’t get. That said, we have seen some back plate leaks for the next generation iPad, and those are normally a much more solid indication that the speculation could well be accurate. Time will tell.

Via: AppleBitch

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