“Microslot antenna” patent won by Apple, could allow for hugely decreased component size

Apple has just been granted a patent that was filed back in 2007 for  “microslot antenna” technology.With this, the company has the opportunity to greatly decrease how much space inside devices is consumed by components, allowing for much thinner, and – as technology evolves – much faster portable devices.

The original patent filing showed the technology applied to a laptop, but it could have implications for use inside mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad range. This would enable Apple to make much slimmer devices, as microslot antennas are far smaller than those currently used. For instance, in the iPhone 5, Apple uses two radio antennas which must constantly switch frequency bands. This takes up a fair amount of room inside the device, even despite Apple’s best attempts to condense everything as much as possible, and arrange the important components logically. With this new patent, however, the antenna could be integrated on the outer hull of the device, just so long as the product’s casing conducts electricity, meaning that Apple could focus on improving battery life, increasing processing power, or anything else the new free space could house. What’s more is that, like the existing technology, microslot antennas can support multiple frequencies.

The newly-patented antennas really are tiny; the width has a maximum measurement of a few hundred microns, and the length doesn’t exceed several centimeters, meaning they are barely distinguishable to the naked eye.

Essentially, the technology offers exactly the same benefits as the currently implemented antennas, but without any of the size drawbacks, meaning that in the not-so distant future, we could see much thinner Apple devices that make good use of the tiny tech.


Via: Apple Insider

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