Mailbox lands on the App Store: Get in Line


The email client we’ve all been waiting for has finally landed on the App Store. Mailbox is a Gmail compatible client which combines the beautiful interface of Sparrow and mixes in a splash of gesture based control, similar to the Clear multitasking app. Using it isn’t as simple as downloading it and adding in your account details though. You have to reserve your spot in line, a measure taken by the developers to ensure that their servers don’t buckle under the pressure.

If you didn’t reserve a spot a couple of weeks back, you can reserve one now. Download the app for free, and hit the reserve icon as soon as it loads up. As you can see from the screenshot above, I have a little while left to wait before I can get my hands on it. But it helps build the excitement in my mind.

To whet your appetite, have a look at the promo video. It looks like the best thing to happen to iPhone email since Sparrow:

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    Lost my code! Crap!

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