Logitech announces Ultrathin Keyboard mini for the iPad mini, pre-orders available now

Logitech Ultrathin Mini

When it comes to keyboard cases for the iPad, few have gained as much praise as the Logitech Ultrathin. As the name suggests, it’s incredibly slim, but it feels great to type on and makes use of your iPad’s built-in magnets to attach itself over the display making it the ultimate portable solution.

The company has now announced the mini version which – as you guessed – is made to fit the smaller iPad. It’s available for pre-order now, costing $79.99 on Logitech’s online store. That said, there’s no expected shipping or release time given, so who knows how long you’ll have to wait before it lands on your doorstep. Hopefully not too long.

If it’s anything like its big brother, it should be a very good solution indeed. Check out the promo video below: 

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