LG Copies Apple’s Panorama ad, and improves on it

Apple is well known for its simple iPhone TV ads. Normally a white background, a non-distracting soundtrack and a calm-toned voice over with a demonstration of one of the iPhone’s features. On of the iPhone 5’s ads featured the Panorama mode within the camera. The user took a panoramic image of some kids in a line.

Here’s a reminder:

Turns out, the folks who take care of LG’s Optimus G marketing spotted an opportunity to see Apple’s Panorama, and raise it “Photo Sphere”. I’m not begrudging LG for opting for this method of advertising. Far from it. The iPhone is seen as the industry mark of quality, and is the best selling smartphone on the planet. Why wouldn’t you copy the ad and show how your feature is – in fact – better? Check it out:

Via: AppAdvice

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  • CantDriveNaked

    theres an app for that, you can use 360 Panorama on iphone to the same thing, works pretty well