Latest Apple TV hits Indian market, starting at Rs. 7,900

Apple’s Indian online store has today received some Apple TV goodness, as the company releases its content streaming device in the country for the first time. The device is priced at 7,900 rubles (approx. $146), giving it a markup of nearly 50% in the country.

The set top box received a quiet launch, with ThinkDigit being the first to notice Apple TV’s presence in the Indian online store. However, although Apple’s device will not be the first on the scene, as companies such as Asus and WD already have their boxes on the Indian market. Even though the devices are available in the country, it’s fair to say that they are less than popular, but Apple seems to have a knack for making technology ‘mainstream’, so perhaps it can pull of its old tricks with the Apple TV.


Via: Apple Insider

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  • syajaman

    @TodaysiPhone the currency in India is Rupees not Rubles!