Kyle’s top 5: Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone 5

So the evasi0n jailbreak is out, and it’s been downloaded a lot. If you haven’t yet, you can check out how to here: OS X, Windows. Well here I have put what my top 5 tweaks you should install are, as I’ve been doing some research the past week to see what I’m most looking forward to. Check it out below.

1. Auxo – $1.99



This was the very first thing I installed. After hours of trying, the moment I got through Cydia’s hectic battle with heavy traffic, I went straight for Auxo. This tweak is beautiful. It reimagines the task switcher in a way that makes it feel like something Apple would do. As you can see in my screenshot above, it has a preview of where your app was last open, and then it also to the right has an updated music control interface, then also has a toggles page where you can set toggles for everything from Wi-Fi to Airplane Mode. Auxo has to be one of my favorite tweaks I’ve seen in a while.

2. ayecon/WinterBoard – $2.99/Free



If you have ever been around the jailbreak scene, you know the term WinterBoard. In my opinion, that doesn’t need too much explanation (hence why I combined that with something else). WinterBoard is simply the middle-man between Cydia and Themes. You use it to apply the themes that you install. Well, ayecon is a theme. As you can see in my screenshots, it drastically changes the design (the wallpapers are both my personal choosing, one more obvious than the other). The slide to unlock becomes thinner, with a new camera icon, and all the icons look different as well. For those icons that aren’t themed, there is a preset “box” that they are put in, to make them flow more with the design. I personally love it, and think it is absolutely beautiful. I recommend you check it out.

3. Zephyr – $4.99



Zephyr is one of my favorite tweaks I’ve ever used. It brings multitasking gestures to the iPhone in a whole new way. If you are an owner of an iPad, you probably know that using a 4-5 finger swipe, you can do things such as switch apps, go to the home screen, open the multitasking bar, and more. Well, with Zephyr, you can do all that one your iPhone. I can already hear you though, “Who wants to use 4-5 fingers to swipe over an app?” You don’t use 4-5 fingers, you only use 1 (actually, you can configure it to more, but the default is 1). With this, you can swipe from the edge of the screen and it will switch over to the next app, you can “flick away” an app to reveal the home screen, you can lift up to see the task switcher, and you can obviously pull down to see notification center (with a cool new animation).

4. Flex – $3.99



Flex is new. It hasn’t been out for very long, and actually just hit Cydia days before the evasi0n release. But what it does is something awesome. You can go into applications that you have installed, and create your own “tweaks” of sorts. As you see above, currently the only one I have enabled is the “Show All Timestamps” one, which, as it says, shows all the timestamps in Messages. This comes in handy if you would prefer to see exactly when a specific message was sent. You can do a plethora of other things as well, and you can share them to the “cloud” where others can download tweaks you’ve made, or you can download tweaks from others. This is really nifty if there is something you’d like to change on the fly in an app you have.

5. %hook’s law – Free



%hook’s law is a new tweak from the developer chpwn (who also makes Zephyr). What it does isn’t really a big feature as much as eye candy, hence why it is most likely free. It adds a “spring” effect to all the animations throughout iOS. When you open an app it sort of “bounces” forward at you, and when you close the apps somewhat fall into each other before going back to their normal position. This one is best seen for yourself, and what do you have to lose, it’s free? I recommend going to check it out, and even playing around with the customizable settings it has in Settings.

There you go, my top 5 tweaks to install. What are yours? I would love to know! Leave them in a comment down below, or tweet them to me @TiP_Kyle.

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