Kyle’s Top 5: Free tweaks for iPhone 5 [Jailbreak]

If you haven’t already jumped on the jailbreaking bandwagon, maybe I can give you a reason to do so. As some have noticed, many of the tweaks that I have talked about in my last two top 5’s were not free, so I’ve decided that it would be good to make a “Top Free” list for those of you not so sure about buying a tweak through Cydia.

1. Activator

activatorIf you don’t know what Activator is, it is probably because it isn’t really publicized very much, however you most likely have used it unknowingly. Many apps depend on Activator, as it’s a very powerful tweak. What it does is, as the name would suggest, activates different actions based on a variety of inputs, including gestures and button clicks. If you have never used an application that uses this, I highly recommend going into Cydia and installing this. Using it to its potential can really make using your device more efficient, such as tapping the home button three times to go directly to your most used app – Messages perhaps.

2. MapsOpener

mapsopenerMapsOpener may sound like not a good thing for those of you that dislike Apple’s new Maps application – but in fact, this is exactly the tweak for you. What this does is opens any Maps related link in Google Maps. That’s right, this basically turns Google Maps into the default Maps application of your device. There really isn’t much more to it. It doesn’t install anything to set up. It doesn’t put any icons on your home page, it simply redirects all links straight to the Google Maps application instead of the Apple Maps one. Simple as that.

3. NowNow

nownowNowNow is something that was talked about a lot when Google’s Search application was updated to support the “Google Now” voice search. It’s a completely rebuilt voice search that brings it to the same style as Siri, where if you ask a question, it not only searches for the answer, it actually will speak it back to you. It really is great, and I have found myself using it more than Siri simply because it is much quicker, and sometimes better with results than Siri is. So what does this app do? Well, it actually ties into the first item on my list, Activator, and allows you to “replace” Siri with Google’s Voice Search. If you find yourself using Google’s app more than Siri, you should definitely check this out. Also, if you don’t have Siri on your device (I’m talking to you iPhone 4 and 3GS owners), you could install this as a way to have a Siri-like functionality on your device, but of course it wouldn’t include the deep integration with iOS.

4. InstaSnap

instasnapSee that “Tap to Snap” up in my status bar? That is InstaSnap, and it is a great addition to the Tap to Tweet and Tap to Post that comes stock in iOS 6. What Tap to Snap does, as you may be able to guess from the name and icon, is takes you directly into “picture taking” part Instagram. All you do is tap on that bar as you would the Tap to Tweet or Tap to Post buttons and you are redirected out of Notification Center and into Instagram. This is great if you are an obsessive…Instagrammer? Or if you are like me and just like the convenience for the occasional picture, it also is nice to have. Another good part, just like any other Notification Center widget, you can put it anywhere in there, at the top or near the bottom depending on your preference. Also, if bought Dashboard X you can place it on your home screen.

5. FakeCarrier

fakecarrierSome of you may have noticed that my status bar doesn’t say “Verizon” like it does in most my previous articles that include screenshots. That is thanks to this application, Fake Carrier. This really is a simple application, but changing the carrier name has been a big thing since the original iPhone jailbreak back in 2007, and has ceased to die in popularity. This is just something that really helps your phone become your phone. You can never have too much customization, right?

There you have it, 5 free tweaks to get you started with jailbreaking. Let me know what your favorite tweaks are by tweeting me @TiP_Kyle, and let me know another list you’d like to see!

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