‘Juice pack helium’ iPhone 5 battery case launched by mophie

Mophie is an Apple accessory maker that found its fame with its range of ‘juice pack’ battery cases for iPhone. We’ve seen truckloads of these cases over the years, but the company has just launched its latest accessory for the iPhone 5. Named the juice pack helium, mophie promises that its latest creation offers “power, protection, style and purpose”.

From the look of it, that description seems to be pretty darn spot on. Now, since the purpose of a battery case is to extend your battery life, it’s never going to be a slim accessory. However, mophie’s juice pack helium is almost certainly the most attractive of its kind that I’ve seen. As far as its capacity, the juice pack holds a pretty respectable 1500 mAh, more than your standard iPhone 5 capacity, and, as mophie claims, enough to nearly double your battery life.

The case comes in two colors, dark metallic and silver metallic. Both cost $79.95, but if you urgently need the case, might I suggest you go for the dark model, as it ships by Feb 14, whereas its cousin will be shipped out sometime in early March.

If you want the juice pack helium, get it from mophie.com.



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