Judge may stop patent lawsuit between Apple and Samsung

Apple Samsung

Judge Lucy Koh, the same judge who awarded Apple over $1 billion last summer over Samsung, has decided that a second lawsuit over patents between the two tech giants may not be necessary. Koh has questioned whether either side is trying to reach a settlement, and said “I just don’t know if we really need two cases on this.” While Apple’s lawyer has argued that since both lawsuits are over separate patents and should remain separate, the lawyer for Samsung would prefer to have just one case, saying that both cases cover similar patents and having two separate lawsuits is not necessary.

Included in the lawsuit in question is a patent over Siri, a patent which Apple claims Samsung has infringed upon. While Apple has been seen as overly protective of its patents recently, it seems as if Judge Koh and Samsung are both getting tired of all of these lawsuits.

Source: CNET

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