It’s cheaper to replace your iPhone 17 times than to buy any of these Brikk cases



I spend a lot of time with cases, and the general feel I get from using them is that they should costs less than what they’re designed to protect. I mean, what’s the point in paying for a case that’s more valuable than your iPhone? You’d spend more time worrying about protecting your case than you would looking after your smartphone. The only instance I’d spend more on a case is if it could guarantee that even if it were to take a blast from a Chieftain tank, it would survive. Or fall in to an active volcano. Or cross the Pacific. You get the point. It’d have to be the Terminator of cases to warrant spending anywhere near the $649 value of an iPhone 5.

Clearly Brikk didn’t get the memo, or assume there are people out there with more cash than they can count. Starting at $11,600, Brikk’s cases come in solid gold and platinum ‘Haven’ cases. They come in a variety of gold colors: pink, yellow or yellow gold satin plus the platinum. It’d cost you less to hire your iPhone a personal chauffeur. It’s like having a $200k house, then spending $3.4 million on fencing.

If you want to check the range out for yourself, head on over to Brikk’s site. It’s pretty laughable.

Via: Slashgear

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  • taptanium

    @TiP_Cam Surely the best way to have your iPhone robbed faster than the speed of light, lol

  • SneakerHeadsAreCorny

    12k and they give you 1 picture? Also a website that looks like a can of beans designed it. Wth? Atleast make it marketable lol.

  • Like they say on the website, gold is a commodity and the pricing changes rapidly. This isn’t meant to be a protective case, its a status symbol, and perhaps more than that; an interesting way to invest in gold.

  • cagaribay

    @NickPods93 @leet146 @rperez1393 t jame$

  • Rperez1393

    @NickPods93 Gold all in my phone