Is Apple putting Siri onto Mac?

Siri for Mac

You may remember a few weeks ago, Apple had a job listing to improve Siri. Well, today a new job listing on Apple’s website leads us to believe that Apple will be putting Siri onto OS X devices soon.

The job listing, posted on Apple’s website, is looking for a “Siri UI Engineer” that is good at coding. The one new part of this story, however, is that the job is looking for someone who has specifically “Familiarity with Unix, especially Mac OS X.” It is also worth noting that the job description lists that they are looking for someone who will be responsible for “developing new features.” This, along with the requirement of Mac OS X familiarity is leading many to believe that Apple is looking to add Siri’s capabilities to its computers.

Although Siri isn’t my favorite, I know many people who rely on Siri for many daily activities. I myself couldn’t picture using Siri often, especially on my computer. What about you? Would Siri for Mac be something that you would use or not? Let us know in the comments section!

Source: TechnoBuffalo, Apple

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