‘iPhone mini’ predicted by another analyst after meeting with Peter Oppenheimer, Apple CFO


Smaller, cheaper iPhone rumors have been circling the web ever since the very first, hideously expensive iPhone was released in 2007. 6 years of “iPhone nano/mini coming” speculation is a long time, and it will most likely continue until Apple either releases one or goes bankrupt. The latest to predict is yet another analyst, Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley who recently met with Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer.

In an note to investors today, she wrote that Apple intends on innovating to continue growth. And as always, it is a “top priority”. She believes that with a gross margin of 40%, it [the iPhone mini] could be exactly what Apple needs to convince investors that its stock is still worth investing in.

However, it seems Huberty is one of the few analysts that recognizes Apple’s mentality and focus.

“The company’s approach to product decisions and innovation has not changed in the past several years despite the CEO transition. Making great products remains Apple’s core strategy and the company is as confident as ever about the future pipeline of new products and services.”

She knows that Apple isn’t producing great devices for the sake of market value or growth. It’s all about making great devices. That said, I’m not convinced that it means there’s an iPhone mini in the pipeline. My impression is that Apple is happy with its current iPhone lineup and that it is looking to invest its time and energy in innovating other arenas such as the TV and smart watch industries.

As well as talk on a possible cheaper iPhone, Huberty also notes that Apple intends to return more cash to its shareholders. The company has over $40 billion more than it had in March last year, and can’t seem to spend it fast enough.

Via: AppleInsider

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