iPhone 6 mocked-up on Russian Apple blog, features 4.2″ display, stereo speakers and multicolors [video]

A Russian Apple blog, AppleInsider.Ru (no affiliation with AppleInsider.com as far as we know) has published a video and gallery of what it claims is the design for the iPhone 6. Although I’m convinced that’s not the case, it still makes an interesting and realistic concept. Most tech bloggers and inside sources agree we’ll see an iPhone 5S this year, not iPhone 6.

This “iPhone 6” features a 4.2-inch display, a slimmer and lighter body than the current iPhone 5 as well as being available with multicolored anodized aluminum options coupled with black or white glass. Unlike any other iPhone to have existed, it also features stereo speakers on the back, covered by individually machined holes in the glass panel. Although a different shape to the 5, it does look incredibly similar with its two-tone aluminum and glass design.

Width 55.7 mm 
Length 108.5 mm 
Thickness of 7.1 mm 
Display diagonal 106.7 mm = 4.2 inches 
Resolution of 1136×640 
Diagonal of 4.2 inches 
PPI = 310,45″

You read those supposed measurements right. Somehow, despite having a larger display, the chassis is shorter, thinner and narrower than the iPhone 5. Perhaps that’s down to the missing home button, which we all know isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, having used the Z10 for a little while now I much prefer a gesture based system, I just don’t think it’s likely to happen on an iPhone this year.


In all seriousness, I do hope none of the site’s readers go along with their claim that this is the iPhone 6. And instead – like us – digest it as what it really is: a concept, mocked up quite well.

What do you think? Do you like the design? Do you want to see the end of the Home Button?

Check the original post here (Google Translate)


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  • Sanchitsharma007

    Only 310 ppi???
    I thought apple is using sharps’s IGZO display with around 470 ppi.

  • Darciestyles

    @S0PHIEBARBER ah its so weird looking xx


    @Darciestyles yeah but not sure whether to believe it or not :/ xx

  • _Emily_Griffin

    @S0PHIEBARBER I don’t really like the look of it!!!!xx

  • Darciestyles

    @S0PHIEBARBER yeah i dont think its real ahhaha xxx

  • RaduTanasescu


  • prettythia

    U son get the scope on the next iPhone…“@_ARob: RT @TodaysiPhone: iPhone 6 mocked-up on Russian Apple blog, features 4.2 display, stereo

  • _ARob

    @prettythia Huh?

  • prettythia

    @_ARob….u dey talk about iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2

  • JaredMadru

    don’t like the placement of the speakers. other than that it looks alright.

  • _ARob

    @prettythia Not sure. Later in the year, 2nd to early 3rd quarter. Here’s the link for a look at the iPhone 6. http://t.co/RKeSxIEtfc

  • BOhUiginn

    There are a number of things wrong with this ‘mockup’. The biggest thing is the 4.2″ display. There’s no way that Apple would change the display once again, certainly not so soon after they just did. Also, the location of the speakers would be more problematic for covers and cases. This is definitely NOT the iPhone 6.

  • JaredMadru

    @BOhUiginn i woul’nt say that the display would not be bigger because apple finaly moved to a 16;9 aspect ratio so now they can make bigger screens and it would be easier for developers to scale the apps. though i dont see them upping the size this time around but maybe net year.

  • different sources are giving different features, so just we can do is that wait and watch what the final result wil come…