iPhone 5S and 5-inch iPhone 6 landing in 2013? [Update: 5-inch rumors scorned]


Yet more speculation spinning off the rumor mill this morning. According to a short excerpt from Sina Tech (Chinese microblogging site), the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 have both been spotted at suppliers in China. If the rumor is correct, we’ll see both launched this year, 2013. The 5S – expectedly – looks almost identical to the iPhone 5, whereas the iPhone 6 is supposedly thinner and lighter despite featuring a huge 5-inch display.

It’s always worth taking these rumors as they are: rumors. There’s nothing concrete until Apple announces it. And, although I’d personally be very surprised if we saw a 5-inch iPhone, I was equally as surprised by rumors of an iPad mini. So, I don’t think you’ll find me dismissing anything out of hand. But, I will say that I can’t see it as being too likely. Not this year.

[UPDATE: 9to5Mac is still searching for a reliable source on the whole 5-inch phone noise. Like me, they’re highly skeptical of it happening this year.]

Source: Sina Tech (Mandarin)
Via: CultofMac

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  • MaeganBabcock

    I hope they NEVER make a 5-inch iPhone.  The Galaxy Note line is way too big and can’t be used with one hand.  I’d hate for iPhones to follow that route.

  • rhymiZ

    Apple has no choice but to follow the top selling trends…

  • pld940

    I would love a 4.5 or 4.8 inch 16:9 Phone, but a 16:9 % inch phone wouldn’t look right. Well, if anyone could do it, it would be Apple.

  • portalplayer

    this is absolutely necessary for Apple to compete with android. so YES it has to be done

  • MitchTolandJr.

    @MaeganBabcock I use the Galaxy Note 2 everyday with one hand and it’s really an innovative and amazing device. With that being said I’m not an Android fanboy, I love the iPhone too. Best build quality there is on a phone, but I have to have mine jailbroken to truly enjoy the experience.