iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III tied in North American data usage

iPhone v GSIII Data

Earlier this week, we reported that iOS 6 accounted for 83% of iOS-based web traffic in North America. Today we’ve got some insight into how Apple’s data traffic stands up to the competition.

When the numbers are broken down, Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III both account for about 6.5% of all smartphone data usage in North America. These numbers are huge considering that both phones are less than a year old (the iPhone 5 has only been around for five months!). While Apple and Samsung together dominate web traffic for smartphones, it was each company’s flagship device that stole the show. And even though Apple’s device still holds a marginal lead in data usage, Samsung’s GS III has increased webshare over the last few months.

Do any of you fellow iPhone 5 users (or Galaxy S III users) notice that you use more data than people with other smartphones? Use the comments section to let us know how much data you use!

Source: Apple Insider

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