iPhone 5 5th behind Atrix HD, Razr M, Rezound 4G and Note II in customer satisfaction survey?



“Say what?!” Was my first reaction too. Don’t worry. In a surprising turn, the 6th generation iPhone has come 5th in a wide scale mobile subscriber survey in the States between July last year and January 2013. In total almost 93,000 consumers were surveyed about their happiness with their respective smartphones. Turns out, a bunch of Android phones fared better than the latest iPhone. However, it’s not that they’re Android devices that surprises me. It’s which models.

The top device in the US was the Atrix HD with a score of more than 8.5 out of 10. Another Motorola device came in second, with 3rd and 4th spots being occupied by the Rezound 4G and the Note II. Perhaps more surprising than the iPhone finishing fifth was that the Galaxy SIII didn’t feature in the top 5 at all.

In the UK, it was a different story. The iPhone finished second behind the One X. 3rd, 4th and 5th places were taken by three Samsung devices: Note II, Galaxy SIII Mini and Galaxy SIII.


All in all, the survey seems a little strange. It would be interesting to see the exact questions asked. Perhaps most surprising of all: Samsung was bottom of the pile when it came to customer satisfaction overall, and “Google” was listed as a manufacturer despite not being one.


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  • Bratty

    IP5 was sold a full quarter after the survey began and has sold more units than the rest combined (in the US). My question is not on which phone is better but if the numbers were normalized. I can’t find much on the survey itself and any survey that lists the Rezound over a SG3 is nuts.

  • DrewPage

    Well, I sure expected my iPhone 5 to place higher than 5th, but if I had to get an Android phone, it would be the Atrix HD.  Moto has added some great software features to Android (now at Jelly Bean 4.1 on the Atrix).  Also, its an AT&T phone, and its available as a refurb for $349.00 without a contract.  So, the transition would be seemless, not that that I am thinking about switching.

  • paddyd1

    Samdung is just as crap as Apple. I have no idea how Samsung became so popular with their cheap felling hardware and garish and cluttered user interfaces: they just seemed to get lucky by releasing the Galaxy SII “iPhone killer” with the right specs at the right time, gaining a following from there.
    After just purchasing a superb Motorola RAZR i my conclusion can only be this: Motorola need to release and promote more of their products in the UK again.