iPad mini cannibalizing iPad and destroying Nexus 7 sales


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According to the most recent analysis of tablet sales, Benedict Evans is reporting that Apple sold around 10 million iPad minis in the final quarter of 2012. That on it’s own is an impressive number. Perhaps more impressive is that is about double the number of Nexus 7 tablets sold all year. And it was only available for two out of the three months.

It’s estimated that Asus shipped somewhere between 4.5-4.8 million Nexus 7 units in 2012. 2.4 million of those came in the last quarter. The remaining 2.2 million came in Q2 and Q3. Despite costing considerably more than its rival, the iPad mini sold more than four times as many units over the final quarter, and shows that Apple really has it nailed.

Seemingly the tiny tablet is also taking sales away from its bigger brother, as it now makes up around half of all iPads sold. Apple sold 23 million tablets in total in Q4. If 10 million were minis, that leaves 13 million “XL” iPads. A drop of around 2.7 million on the year before. But we all know Apple isn’t concerned about cannibalizing its own products with new innovations.

Regardless of what many thought about the high cost initially. iPad minis are flying off the shelves. Do you think there will ever be an Android, or other platform tablet, that sells anywhere near the number that Apple does? Or has it got this market all to its self?

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Source: Ben-Evans

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  • TonyPerkins

    “Or has it got this market all to its self?” Really?
    You are missing a very important point here. If you want IOS on a tablet you have exactly ONE vendor to choose from. I don’t know if any single vendor will ever match Apple in tablet sales, but Android in general is chipping away at their market share daily. 
    “Apple’s share of the global tablet market fell. In the fourth quarter of 2012, it recorded a share of 43.6 percent, down from 46.4 percent in the preceding quarter and 51.7 percent a year ago.”

  • TZys21

    @incredablechris look at q3 sales

  • TZys21

    @incredablechris and screw the nexus 7

  • xmkatx

    i want the nexus 7 tho! @iOSNinja iPad mini cannibalizing iPad and destroying Nexus 7 sales -http://t.co/PvW5NdZyAD