iOS 7 concepts boost hopes for new task switcher and Notification Center [Videos]

iOS 7 has gotten concept after concept. This multitude of concepts coming from many different designers are all boosting the hopes of many to see what iOS 7 will finally hold come mid-year. Auxo is a tweak many of you are familiar with, and the same designer of that concept that went reality designed the above idea for task switching. This idea takes a more speedy approach to the whole task switching idea. The task switcher hasn’t been the only place getting revamps and rethinkings though, the lockscreen has as well:

That one was a little more minimalistic, and is something that many could probably see Apple actually doing. This next one however goes out on a very, very long limb to reimagine the multitasking switcher with an assortment of different customizations, from toggles to new music controls to a shake gesture to open up your settings. It is a really neat idea, but most likely too far out there for Apple to implement, at least yet.

The biggest area of criticism since iOS 4’s launch in 2010 which brought along multitasking with it is the look of the task switcher that appears when a device’s home button is double clicked. This has seen things such as Aucxo come to fruition through jailbreaking, but in essence it has not seen a change in the official releases of the OS. This one below brings with it a little more of a webOS-esque look and feel. Check it out.

Also a place of criticism is Notification Center, introduced in iOS 5. Many are asking that 3rd party applications be allowed to develop widgets for this area, and that is exactly what this concept has in mind:

What is something that every Android fanboy holds over an iOS user’s head? Widgets. By far, one of the most criticized parts of iOS is the minimalistic home screen. A lot of people want widgets, and while this is possible through jailbreaking, there isn’t anything native yet that allows any deviation from the normal icon rows and columns found in stock iOS. This concept brings to life the idea of widgets, and does so in a way that looks like something quite realistic.

And finally, iOS has been getting more and more social over the past few updates with the inclusion of Twitter and Facebook integration. This concept takes that a little further, making the contacts application into a “Social Hub”, kind of playing off the Windows Phone naming scheme however.

All of these concepts are great, but obviously these are just that, concepts. It will be interesting to see what Apple brings in the future with iOS 7, and hopefully we see some of these become a reality in the coming months. What do you think? Any particular you are really hoping for? What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac

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  • pld940

    I hate some and I love some. I would like to see something like Social Hub!

  • Chief738

    We all know apple wouldn’t go past what they Lready have other than just creating more apps

  • blue_otis

    @TodaysiPhone am I the only one who wants to keep the BS away? Just unlock your iPhone if you wanna enable wifi.

  • rhysmorgan

    One or two of these are very well done. Some of them are nice ideas but poorly implemented. Some are just dumb. For instance, the iOS 7 Concept 4-Inch 2013 video makes iOS look horribly cluttered and the shaking idea would mess up all apps that use the accelerometer.
    The first video, however – the app switcher – looks like something Apple would potentially make. One of the few good concept videos ever.

  • NicholasDesantiago

    Social hub would be an awesome refresh to the contacts app. And the web os multitasking seems great but an option to choose either old or new would be great.