Infinity Blade goes free – go get it!

Infinity Blade

For a limited time only, Infinity Blade has seen its price dropped to zilch. Although it’s yet to show up as Apple’s App of the Week, the developers announced it and dropped the price accordingly from today.


Love is in the air, and so are swords, axes, hammers and scythes! Celebrate Valentine’s by enjoying the Must-Have iOS Blockbuster for FREE!

If you’ve avoided Inifinity Blade due to it being too steep, you no longer have an excuse not to try it out. It was undoubtedly THE game of 2010. Sadly, the awesome follow-up, Infinity Blade II hasn’t been dropped, and the third title looks like it may not even be released despite the awesome success of the Unreal Engine powered game franchise.

Hit the App Store to check it out and/or download it.

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  • backslash78

    @austrovet habe beide Teil schon gespielt. Na ja, eher Grafik Demo als ein gutes Spiel……

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