HTC One vs. iPhone 5: Spec Sheet Comparison

The day many tech fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. HTC pulled the trigger and announced what looks like a beast of a phone, if the specs and promo video are anything to go by. The Taiwanese company’s latest flagship is made almost entirely from machined aluminum, it has iPhone-esque chamfers on the edges and looks like super-sized BlackBerry Z10.

Will the latest quad-core powered monster be enough to persuade you to switch from your beloved iPhone? Check out the spec sheet below and let us know your thoughts.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 16.35.25

The biggest surprise – for many I’m sure – will be the 4MP camera. But, HTC is bucking the trend and trying to turn the tide on the mentality that more megapixels means better images. It’s a brave move, and one which I applaud. The 4MP UltraPixel sensor is paired up with a f/2.0 lens and promises to capture 300 times more light with each pixel than the current market smartphone cameras do. Spec-wise, it trumps the iPhone in almost every department. It’s bigger, badder, meaner and arguably has the same precision engineering.

Whether it has what it takes to put HTC back on the smartphone map is yet to be seen. But, launch is happening next month, and we’ll soon discover if consumers love it as much as tech heads do.


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  • Clayton6erc8hk


  • jabombardier

    It is a nice phone but it is Android. After a while it won’t work or get updates from the start.

  • Kenyajzhz2


  • sccomega

    @jabombardier Same with the iPhones, blackberries, windows phones, your computer, you.  Everything dies eventually.  My Nexus One has been going strong for 3 years and hasn’t gotten an OS update since Gingerbread 2 years ago, but it works just fine.  HTC is one of the better Android OEMs in terms of upgrades, the Evo line especially has a strong track record of updates and they’ve changed Sense to be almost entirely just a launcher and is separated from the OS so the core OS updates are much easier to roll out now than their past devices.