How To: Turn your iPad into a MacBook wannabe [Jailbreak]

Photo Feb 12, 5 40 06 PMSo, you want to use your iPad as a MacBook, but you have no idea where to start. See the screenshot above (and gallery below)? That is my iPad’s screen. Yes, iPad, not MacBook. This was accomplished by using a simple theme from Cydia that works with DreamBoard, an advanced theming application. Best part? The theme and DreamBoard are completely free. Here’s how:

  1. Install DreamBoard from Cydia.
  2. Install the “Mountain Lion Ultimatum” theme from Cydia.
  3. Respring your device.
  4. Once back to the main home screen, locate “DreamBoard”.
  5. Open and select “Mountain Lion Ultimatum (Charity Theme)” from the selections.
  6. That’s it! It will apply the theme, and you will see the above screen (or something similar).

Photo Feb 13, 3 24 38 PM

Now, to take this to the next level, I also installed something named “BTC Mouse & Trackpad” (screenshot above of the Cydia screen). If you look at the screenshots in the gallery, you will see a mouse on them that looks similar to that of the OS X mouse. That is thanks to this tweak. What it does is adds (as the name so obviously states) mouse and trackpad support to the native Bluetooth support found in iOS. This works with iPhones/iPod touches as well, if  you want to use it there also. With this I was able to use my Magic Mouse and Hatch & Co. keyboard case to turn my iPad into a mini MacBook.

So there you have it, the most simple way possible to turn your iPad into a pseudo-MacBook. All of this except the BTC Mouse & Keyboard is completely free, with that tweak costing $4.98. If you feel you would use it, I highly recommend the tweak as it really gives the tablet a true computer feel. I was able to make an entire Keynote presentation in half the time it would have taken using solely touch. Let me know in the comments if you are installing this, and chat with me on Twitter @TiP_Kyle about your experiences or other cool DreamBoard themes you found. Check out the gallery for more screenshots of the theme in action.

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  • JakeBennett13

    this is awesome if you pair it with quasar

  • ranew13

    Thank You, Very Cool

  • il_babbo

    “@TodaysiPhone: How to turn your iPad into a MacBook wannabe [Jailbreak] –” @conors_twatter

  • Danny88

    The lock screen doesn’t work on mine can someone help ??

  • Jin

    Are you allowed to install any Mac apps into this? Lets say photoshop, pretty power hungry program.

  • Danny88

    @Jin No you can’t install actual mac apps unfortunately. The whole theme is just a skin or look for your iPad, everything still works the same! Apple should actually make a MacPad, That would be sweeet

  • djayawarman

    Ive purchased installed the mountain lion ultimatum and i set the launchpad but it cannot contain all my application only some of its seem you designed it only for limited apps. Do you have any changes now ?  and the stack have you made update so the stack is not just favorite but have folder like game utilities entertainmet, social media and stuff. i have that feature in my last previous OS X theme that i showed you on the last email B.W

  • IPad mini crash

    It made my ipad crash it restarts over and over again