Here are 5 apps to get you ready for Super Bowl Sunday

For those of us over here in the United States, there is a big football game going down tomorrow. American football, that is, or as Cam would say, “handegg.” That game is the Super Bowl. Well, you know the App Store has got to be littered with apps for the big game, right? It is. So out of all the Super Bowl related apps, I’ve gone and picked 5 that I think you should have if you are an avid sports fan. Some of these come in handy even after the game to watch other sports. Oh, and there won’t be prices by the names of the apps. Why? They are all free! You can click on the app’s name or icon to be redirected to the iTunes page. (These are in no particular order.)


1. NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is obviously one of the first applications to come to mind. You can watch the game on the go, keep updated with the scores, and everything else you could imagine to get every statistic about the game you want. There is one catch with this app, however, and that is that the “premium content” is only available to Verizon Wireless customers. So if you have a Verizon iPhone (or iPad) this will work great for you. If you aren’t on Verizon, you still can get some content, but it’s not really worth it unless you are.


MaddenSocial2. Madden NFL 13 Social

This is actually a game that is made by EA and is completely free. It, as the name suggests, is a social game that integrates with Facebook so you can challenge friends. Using an “Auction House” you can bid on players and build the ultimate team. The newer devices also support 3D gameplay, with high resolution graphics. You can choose from any of the 32 NFL teams, and pick plays that defeat your friend’s defense. If you are looking for a more social way to enjoy the game, this would definitely fill the void.


ScoreCenter3. ESPN ScoreCenter

What’s a sports app list without ESPN ScoreCenter? An incomplete one, that’s what. ESPN is the best source for scores and updates. You can even set up your favorite teams so you get notifications whenever something happens. This is one of those apps that will come in handy even after the big game. If you aren’t going to be around for the Super Bowl, you can use this app to set up alerts and notifications for when a team scores, a quarter/half ends, etc. You can also go into it and watch highlights of things going on.


NFL'124. NFL ’12

NFL ’12 is an app straight from the NFL itself (as is the next one). This app is full of features too. Here are a few from the app description: “Watch NFL Fantasy Live & (iPad only)”, “Video highlights (iPad), game recaps, big plays and all the latest NFL video”, “Custom alerts”, and last but not least, “Super Bowl XLVII Mobile Guide – Discover official Super Bowl events, find places to eat and be entertained, get alerts for everything happening in New Orleans, set calendar reminders and bookmarks…and more!” This app has been overhauled for Super Bowl weekend, and is a great part of your arsenal for keeping up with the game from your mobile device.


SuperBowl5. SB XLVII Guide

Last, but certainly not least, is the official Super Bowl XLVII Guide from the NFL. This app, as the icon to the right suggests, is dedicated solely to the Super Bowl. This is particularly useful if you are attending the game, as with it you get a¬†guide to official Super Bowl events, local restaurants, nightlife, and other points of interest. It also includes push notifications so you can keep up to date on everything going on, and also you can set calendar alerts and more. As the description says, “Whether you’ll be in New Orleans or not, the Super Bowl XLVII Guide is your must-have companion to Super Bowl Week!” So I for sure recommend checking this app out.


Unrelated to the Super Bowl, don’t forget that this Sunday is also the supposed release of the iOS 6.x jailbreak. Be sure to vote in our poll on what device you plan to jailbreak first, and also Matt’s thoughts on how to prepare for the jailbreak.

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