Full USB 3.0 support coming to iOS devices to speed up Lightning data transfers?

With most of Apple’s Mac range currently supporting USB 3.0 connectivity, it seems pretty backward that the company continues to use USB 2.0 transfer speeds in its still relatively new Lightning connector range. However, if a recent rumor is anything to go by, then the company is looking to improve its USB division, with a job listing for a Senior Software Quality Engineer with knowledge of advanced USB technology.

While Apple isn’t explicitly revealing its plans with this listing, it seems like a pretty strong implication that the company is trying to take advantage of the high speed USB data transfer that its Mac range can cope with. This will surely help the Mac range, as it would make USB 3.0 a more attractive feature. I mean, why get excited about the technology, when Apple itself doesn’t update the rest of its range to make use of it?


Via: Cult of Mac

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