Fred Armisen interviewed on Steve Jobs impression, start of Apple journey at Macworld/iWorld 2013 [video]

Fred Armisen

Apple fans the world over will be aware that the ultimate fanboy event has been taking place this week. Macworld/iWord “The Ultimate iFanevent” has been running most of this past week; featuring interviews, discussions and keynotes from an array of Apple-heads. Perhaps the most recognizable was SNL’s Fred Armisen who played Steve Jobs in various SNL sketches.

One skit in particular was one where he introduced the “iPod Invisa”, an iPod so tiny it’s invisible to the human eye. This sketch had particular significance as even Steve Jobs himself had seen it. And, upon meeting Armisen at a store opening, motioned the same hand gesture Armisen had used in the sketch to portray the smallness of the “Invisa”. Apart from that, the two discussed design and got a photo taken together which remains private to this day.

The rest of interview, published by Forbes, can be seen in the video below. They cover a variety of subjects including his first ever Apple product and why he was chosen as a Keynote speaker for Macworld/iWorld. Check it out:

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