Former Apple marketer Guy Kawasaki makes move to Motorola

Guy Kawasaki

Some of you bigger Apple fans may have heard of Guy Kawasaki. He is one of the minds behind the marketing of the Macintosh computer in 1984. Well, for those of you who are big supporters of loyalty, you may not be happy to hear that Kawasaki has accepted a job with Motorola, which is now owned by Google.

Kawasaki will apparently be an advisor for the company recently acquired by Google and will be working on the design of Motorola products and new interfaces. Kawasaki confirmed the news on his Twitter page, and also stated that he believes that Motorola and Google are both great companies, and said, “the sky is the limit for Motorola.” If you’re interested in learning about his tenure at Apple, you can also check out his free book, The Macintosh Waywhich is available for download at his website.

Are you surprised by this move from Apple worker to Android employee? Does it upset you to see an Apple fan switching over to the other side? Let us know in the comments!

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  • kevinyoho

    Guy’s contribution to Apple and tech is legendary. His new Motorola consult job is either opportunistic or heuristic. In either case, Guy’s paying attention is compelling.

  • josul71