evasi0n downloaded over 100,000 times in 10 minutes

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If you were one of the people waiting for the evasi0n jailbreak to launch at noon EST, then you were most definitely not alone. Just how many were downloading the program? Well, within the first 10 minutes there were over 100,000 downloads. That’s right, over 100,000 downloads, and it quickly rose after that. If you have yet to do so, and want to get in on the action, you can check out our tutorials for how to jailbreak your iOS 6.x device. Don’t worry, there is one for both OS X and Windows. Be sure to check it out, and keep it locked on the site for more jailbreak news!

What do you think? Were you part of the initial 100k? Soon after? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.



The total number of devices activated by evasi0n has surpassed 270,000! (via: 9 to 5 Mac)


Via: iDownloadBlog

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  • garthphoto

    @TiP_Kyle, downloaded the evasi0n jailbreak, all went smooth, but somehow can get any tweaks to load, I have cyndia loaded it on Iphone 4 & 5 running os 6.1 & keep getting errors, anyone else experiencing this or any help will be appreciated, love your site.

  • Darrius

    @garthphoto the servers are overloaded at the moment

  • Hello

    Lmao I was one of the many people who were waiting for the jailbreak to be posted (refreshing the page until the links were up) when they were posted I could not download the file because google sites appeared to be overloaded (where the download links were first uploaded) anyways I spent about 5 minutes trying to access the server and when I did the jailbreak went OK it froze during the part where it shows the info on your phones screen I had to force reboot and it worked fine after that…