Design patents for 4th-gen iPod and Newsstand icon won by Apple

Apple has just received two design patents from he U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; one for the nearly two year old Newsstand icon, and the other for the long-gone 4th generation iPod. The design patent for the 4th-gen iPod comes around nine years after the device’s first introduction, in 2004.

Apple’s range of iPods is one of the biggest reasons for the company’s current mainstream supremacy. The line-up of devices became hugely popular after the first of Apple’s iconic MP3 players was launched over a decade ago, in October 2001. The fourth iteration of Apple’s iPod was the first to carry the instantly-recognizable touch sensitive click wheel as its centerpiece, which makes it seem rather odd that its design trademark has only just been received by Apple, nearly a decade later. The credit for this design goes to Jony Ive and Chris Stringer.

The second of Apple’s designs to be trademarked is the not-so-old Newsstand icon, which made its first appearance in iOS 5, in June 2011. The patent is for the icon, which sports a skeuomorphic design, mimicking a bookshelf which shows your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.


Via: Apple Insider

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