Chairman of Apple board talks product creation and Steve Jobs

Arthur_LevinsonArthur Levinson, also known as Chairman of Apple’s board and former Genentech CEO, spoke at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business yesterday. Fortune was there to listen in on the talk, and got some interesting tidbits out of it. One of the subject brought up was of course the former CEO, Steve Jobs’ death in 2011. When asked what it was like to work without him, “weird” was the short answer given. “I’m still not to the point where I walk into that boardroom and don’t miss Steve.” Levinson was a close friend to Jobs, so it isn’t at all surprising that he would be so short in the subject.

A subject that was brought up to the interest of everyone was the board’s role in product creation. On the subject, Levinson said “Not a whole lot, though new products are presented to the board between 6 to 18 months prior to launch. If presented early enough, some board insights are taken into account, and those on the board with expertise in certain product areas may have more influence, he added. But while long-term direction and planning fall under the board’s jurisdiction, individual product review isn’t a top priority.” So while the board does know about products far in advance, it doesn’t necessarily have much say in them. This means that if any of the rumored products are indeed real, such as the iTV or iWatch, the board has most likely seen them. You can read Fortune’s full writeup at the source below.

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Via: iDownloadBlog, Fortune

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