Bloomberg: iWatch is in development, with over 100 product designers working on it [Rumor]


Seemingly, the theme for Apple-based speculation is changing on a week-by-week basis. We’ve moved on from the cheaper iPhone, 5-inch “iPhone Math”, iPhone 5S and through the iPad 5 and 2nd generation iPad mini, and somehow still managed to find time to spill rumors on the inevitable “iTV”, and we’re still only in the first half of February. This week the theme is: iWatch.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about Apple creating a wearable wristwatch-like device. We’ve even seen a really tasty concept. Over the weekend, both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal pitched in with information from their respective sources. Not to be outdone, Bloomberg is updating us with its own information from inside sources.

Apple Inc. has a team of about 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that may perform some of the computing tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad, two people familiar with the company’s plans said.

The team, which has grown in the past year, includes managers, members of the marketing group and software and hardware engineers who previously worked on the iPhone and iPad, said the people, who asked not to be named because the plans are private. The team’s size suggests Apple is beyond the experimentation phase in its development, said the people.

According to Bloomberg, the two guys in charge of the iWatch project are James Foster and Achim Pantfoerder. Two names – I’m sure – will be unfamiliar to most. Foster – interestingly – reports to Bob Mansfield the chief of chips and wireless. Someone who is also rumored to be intensely interested in wearable technology.

Whether this all turns out to be true or not is yet to be seen, but with the number of reports coming in and 9to5Mac‘s nod towards the inevitability of such a device, it could well be on the cards for 2013. I guess we’ll find out some time this year if any of this pans out.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: 9to5Mac, BGR

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