Battery issues with iOS 6.1 on iPhone? How long is your battery lasting? [Poll]

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There have been reports circling the web this morning of users complaining about battery life since updating to iOS 6.1. The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system landed a couple of weeks back, and has already received some negative press. (You could be forgiven for not knowing with all the jailbreak news that’s been going on lately).

The latest reports comes from Macworld UK, and Apple’s Support Forums are also indicative that this isn’t just an isolated incident. There was also news last week that Vodafone UK was warning its own 4S-wielding customers against upgrading to iOS 6.1 over concerns of poor 3G performance. That said, one possible fix for battery issues isn’t entirely convenient, but it has been reported to work. It’s the usual: try a full restore through iTunes fix. Plug your iPhone in to a computer, restore it through iTunes and set it up as a new devices. DO NOT sync from a previous backup. Sadly, this means you will lose some data, but apps and the like can be restored manually through iTunes or iCloud.

So, we wanted to know: are you experiencing any battery life issues? If so, how many hours do you get through before needing to recharge?


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  • PabloDaniel

    The iphone battery has always sucked, sure its improved within every new upcomin model but overal its ridiculous, something that apple should fix already

  • jabombardier

    I am on 3G and EDGE so my battery lasts all day. It will probably tank when LTE is available.

  • DarrenButz

    I’ve noticed a slight decrease in battery life. A full restore isn’t worth it though. I’ll wait for iOS 6.1.1

  • JaronDeonReid

    @PabloDaniel when has the iPhone battery sucked? Please tell me. The battery on the iPhone has actually been consistent and reliable. Especially when compared to devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is another too smartphone. If it’s anything that Apple ever does right when making iPhone’s, it’s battery life.

  • MaeganBabcock

    I have noticed that my battery drains faster on iOS 6.1.   I’m downloading 6.1.1 now and hope that fixes the problem.

  • floris_mrfart

    My 3GS became almost useless because of this update. Can’t go running with it anymore, because with music and runkeeper open it won’t last half an hour. In the car, with my gps app open it last only 15 minutes. Tried a few tricks already (closing all running apps etc..) but still nothing. The phone dies when the battery icn shows about 45%.