Awesome interactive map details all of Apple’s suppliers

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 19.56.24

That (above) is not the interactive map. It’s simply a screenshot. But if you head on over to this link you’ll get the picture in full. David Barreda has taken all the known suppliers of Apple’s components and parts, and stuck them all in a Google -powered interactive map. As you zoom in on set continents you gain more detail on which countries supply Cupertino’s favorite company. Although it’s not surprising to see such a high proportion of Asian countries shipping out goodies to Apple, it was a little surprising to see just how much comes from the States. Seriously check it out, it’s very enlightening.

Via: ChinaFile 

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  • littlegingerkid

    @be_mika can you zoom in on the Chinese suppliers and see all the small children in the factories?!

  • be_mika

    @littlegingerkid Touché :)

  • pld940

    I checked it out….. About 12% of Apples supplies are in the US. While that is not a lot, that’s a lot. I looked at it, and I figured Apple would have at most 5% of suppliers in the US, I was surprised. Let’s hope in the next few years they will have 40-60% of their suppliers in the us.