Audible App released for iPad

Audible has been the big name in audiobooks for as long as I can remember. Audible is the internet’s leading provider of audio entertainment, with an extensive audiobook library, and really competitive prices. That being said, their iPhone app was a little lousy. Now, Amazon has given its Audible iPhone app an overall, and finally introduced an iPad app.

The old app had really poor sorting features, and no real way of tracking your progress. Now the app has a new interface, and the all the problems of old have been fixed. Its safe to say that this is a really good update, and the iPhone app is now worth using.


But I guess the more important news is the iPad app. The big-screen view comes with thumbnails for your audiobook titles, newly-improved sorting, search options and progress bars. You can now access the cloud library, and the first 50MB of a book can be downloaded over cellular, to get you started even without Wi-Fi.

If you already use Audible, then these apps are a must have. If you like reading and you haven’t used Audible before, then its a great service that I highly recommend.


Via: CultofMac

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