Apple supplier under investigation for polluting river

iPad with Retina

A manufacturer of Apple’s iPad casing is in hot water over dirty water near its factory. Riteng, located in China’s Songjiang district, is being investigated by the local government over complaints from residents about the nearby Railway River, which they have nicknamed the “Milky River” because the river has turned almost white since the factory opened just a couple years ago. The pollution has apparently killed fish and made the river unfit for cultivating crops.

Casetek, which owns Riteng, claims that the change in color in the river is caused by cleaning water that was improperly disposed of after the factory was cleaned during the new year holiday. Although Casetek claims that this environmental issue is due to a one time disposal of cleaning water, residents claim that the river has been slowly changing since the factory opened.

Earlier this week, when talking to Financial Times, a representative for the company claimed “We will cooperate with the government, and the pollution is nothing to do with the production line of our factory.” The investigation is ongoing, and Apple has not made a statement about the conditions of the factory, although Apple has been working hard to lessen its impact on the environment.

Do you think this will be an issue for Apple? Do you think this will hurt Apple’s reputation and efforts to become more environmentally friendly? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Apple Insider, Financial Times

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