Apple purchases 18 axis-based UI patents from Maya-Systems


It was announced yesterday by Maya-Systems that it has secured a deal with Apple over the purchase of some interesting axis-based user interface patents. 18 to be exact. As noted in the press release below, the deal was agreed after the company had received more than one offer from various companies, but ultimately, it was Cupertino that they wanted to do business.

These patents are added to Apple’s already expansive range of intellectual properties. It’s not yet known whether these have been purchased as a means for Apple to protect itself and disappear like a drop in the ocean, or if they will amount to some radical new ways of interacting with iOS on our tablets and smartphones. We can only hope that Cupertino’s software engineers have something up their sleeves.

Interestingly, Maya-Systems’ biggest business is in fact a method of organizing cloud based content:

Source: Maya-Systems
Via: MacRumors

Full Press Release: 
“Maya-Systems Inc. sells user interface patents to Apple Inc.

Montreal, Canada, January 31, 2013 – In the third quarter of 2012, a transaction took place between Maya-Systems Inc. and Apple Inc. (, through which Apple acquired a portion of Maya-Systems’ patents relating to innovative axis-based user interface technology. The acquisition included 18 patent properties of Maya-Systems.

Maya-Systems’ technology offers an intuitive way to display any virtual content in a superior manner. This transaction attests that Maya-Systems axis-based user interface is ahead of the growing demand for axis-based user interfaces.

“We dealt with a significant number of sophisticated buyers,” noted Mathieu Audet, founder of Maya-Systems and patent agent. “We are pleased to have secured the transaction with Apple.” “Our patents have been analyzed thoroughly by many potential buyers. We are confident that they are strong assets.” The negotiations with Apple were carried out with the assistance of Mr. Louis Carbonneau from Tangible IP LLC (

Maya-Systems’ IamOrganizedTM offering ( is the first all-in-one file manager, sharing platform, cloud storage and workflow management tool to utilize the innovative axis-based user interface technology.

Maya-Systems Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in Montreal, Canada. It specializes in developing advanced content management technologies. “

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