Apple employees dismiss possibility of “fake” project assignments



There were some rumors floating around today about Apple tasking employees with “fake” projects, or “dummy” projects. It was previously reported that these so-called “dummy” projects would be used to determine whether a new employee could keep a secret, as Apple strives to keep as much of its future product releases under wraps. However, Ars Technica spoke with former Apple employees on the matter which all said that this couldn’t be true, as Apple wouldn’t waste its resources like that. All employees are held to non-disclosure agreements anyways according to the former employees, so this wouldn’t really be an issue. It does stand true however, according to the same employees interviewed, that when a leak occurs, that department is put on “lockdown”, and security personnel would go around and collect information. This made the company able to almost immediately find the source of the leak. That isn’t very surprising given Apple’s secretive nature.

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Via: AppleInsider, Ars Technica

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