Apple currently hiring software experts to give iLife a refresh

It seems like Apple is currently looking for help from two senior software engineers to give its iLife software suite – that is, GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto –  a refresh. The job listing on Apple’s website says that the company is seeking “an enthusiastic Cocoa engineer to help us re-imagine how user interfaces should be built and work,”. Both of the positions are located at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

This could mark the beginning of the changes (other than iTunes 11) that Sir Jony Ive is bringing to Apple, now that he is head of the company’s Human Interface teams. Hopefully, the team Apple is looking for will overhaul iLife and give it its first update since the “Back to the Mac” event in late 2010.

According to Apple’s job listing:

“The ideal candidate should be a highly-motivated and proactive individual with a strong technical knowledge of Cocoa application or framework development as well as experience in delivering excellent user experience innovations in shipping applications.”


Via: Cult of Mac



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