Apple and Samsung’s mobile device supremacy visualized in chart

We’re constantly being told stories of Apple and Samsung’s rivalry in the mobile industry, but for many, it’s difficult to understand why this rivalry exists. To help those people visualize the reason, Asymco has created the above chart, which shows operating profit from mobile devices in $billion. Simply by glancing at the chart, it’s inherently obvious that Apple and Samsung are the big winners in the field, totally obliterating every rival, some of which are working at losses of nearly $1 billion (RIM, for example).

Comparing Q4 2012 to Q2 2007, it’s crazy to see how the industry has narrowed. Six years ago, the market was incredibly tight, but now it seems that if a company’s name isn’t either Apple or Samsung (or indeed HTC), then there’s no profit to be made from smartphones.


Via: BGR

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  • Still, I can say that Apple won the competition! Good job Apple!